„Auch aus Steinen, die einem in den Weg gelegt werden, kann man Schönes bauen.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
„Auch aus Steinen, die einem in den Weg gelegt werden, kann man Schönes bauen.“Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

12th International Symposium

"Moral Competence: Its Nature, Its Relevance, and Its Education"


From October 11th  to 13th October 2018


in Chemnitz


The 12th International Moral Competence Symposium from 11th to 13th October 2018 this year took place in Chemnitz, in Pentagon3. Chemnitz is also a place where traditional inventive spirit and ingenuity meets the newest developments of the 21st century. Chemnitz University of Technology and the many research institutes based here are testament to the city’s status as leading national research and development centre. But in the last weeks we experienced that some backward, nationalist people in Chemnitz lack moral competence. Therefore, it was the right place to have the 12th International Moral Competence Symposium here. Its theme: “Moral Competence: Its Nature, Its Relevance, and Its Education.” The Moral Competence-Symposium brought together international scientists and practitioners with different professional backgrounds from all over the world: the participants came from China, Poland, Sierra Leone, South-Korea, USA and Germany. Similarly, diverse was their professional back-ground: psychology, education, engineering, human resource management, employment facilitation, and philosophy. Special guest was Prof. Dr. Georg Lind. The participants had an intensive exchange of their experiences, research findings and questions regarding the KMDD® and MCT® during sessions and breaks.



Martina Reinicke

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