„Auch aus Steinen, die einem in den Weg gelegt werden, kann man Schönes bauen.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
„Auch aus Steinen, die einem in den Weg gelegt werden, kann man Schönes bauen.“Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Oktober 2017

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Our society changes rapidly. If we want to counteract impoverishment, it is high time we start teaching morality in schools. Morality can be both the subject of true-to-life lessons and the prerequisite for a modern way of teaching. The Konstanz Method of Dilemma Discussion® (KMDD) and the Moral Competence Test® open up entirely new possibilities of teaching.

The author, a certified KMDD teacher herself, provides us with an insight into a method that, despite having been tested successfully for over 40 years now, still is a highly modern approach. She shows us how the potential of KMDD can also be applied to other teaching methods. After explaining the term "morality", she goes on to explain why it is necessary to teach morality in a clear and entertaining way ...

Reinicke_Poster_Moral Competence Conference_Poznan

september 2017

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